Clean Greens Farm | FAQs

Q. I heard that you sell products from your farm online. Is there any way to buy from your farm personally?
A. Hello! Thank you so much for sending us your message and question. Clean Greens Farm does sell online but we also have other ways to sell our products. If you want to see the products personally, you can come to our farm and buy from our stalls inside.

Q. Hello! I wanted to ask if you do sell sacks of vegetables as well.?
A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending us a question. The Clean Greens Farm does sell different quantities of our products. Even if you order for a sack of vegetables, we can give it to you!

Q. Does the time of delivery depend on the amount of the products ordered?
A. Hello, thank you for giving us a message. Yes, the time of delivery will be depending on the quantity you’ve ordered as well as the distance from the farm to your place. If you live nearby, we can assure that the delivery wouldn’t take so long.

Q. If I live far from the town where the Clean Greens Farm is, will the delivery take long?
A. Hi! Thank you for messaging us. The delivery will likely take longer if you live far. But rest assured that we are going to inform you an estimate once you decide to buy from our farm.

Q. Can I cancel my order online?
A. Hello, we appreciate you asking us a question. We are sorry but we’re afraid we can’t allow cancellation of orders. The process on the farm is not easy and there are a lot of people who demand the products that we sell. Canceling your order would have us delay more process and we strictly avoid that situation. We hope you understand, thank you!

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